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Research and Innovation

Innovation plays an important role to overcome the global challenges and has been a key driver of Ks growth in the years. We were the first company to produce and record at the Ministry of Health a plantar orthesis, ready, but adaptable to any requirement of various people .We are interested in the dysfunctional pathology of the musculoskeletal system, creating a new method of analysis and evaluation with a new therapeutic approach. First among everybody  we applied in the clinical field, the latest medical discoveries in medical  biomechanics obtaining  a real modulation of muscular and ligament  tensions. All this was possible thanks to the continuous and I would say “stubborn” research and experimentation of new materials and new hypotheses of application. So we created a real discipline with strong clinical neurophysiological basis and clear clinical applications.
 The results have given us reason!
That's why today we are the most imitated,…………………………. but imitation is never like the original!
Everything starts from Doctor Maria Antonietta Fusco revolutionary clinic intuition  and her stubborn determination to achieve a practical application of that intuition.
She submitted herself as a guinea pig voluntarily in many different tests that were necessary to test the materials and to evaluate method, degree and logistical arrangements of stimulation pads on the sole.

Medium used for the dissemination of our ideas were the scientific journal “Ks NEWS” and training courses for doctors and rehabilitation therapists, organized in collaboration with the Popular  University Avellino
Annual event was then the “National Congress Ks, held since 2000.