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To Detoxity
I Ks herbal products are natural pack of 50 ml. to be taken in drops.

Ks RADICAL - DIS Detoxification From Free Radicals

Detoxifies and drains the tissues by free radicals.
Carries anti-aging action on all fabrics to optimize the potential metabolic maintaining the same.
Stimulates cellular respiration and conducts remedial action on cell membranes.
Potentiates the action of draining.

Ks MICO - DIS detoxification mushrooms

Detoxifies and drains the tissues from toxic residues associated with fungal infections.
Very useful in intestinal dysbiosis in candidiasis, in obstinate constipation and vulvo-vaginitis.
Assists in situations of food intolerance, carries out the project to improve bowel function.
Also useful in acute infections to prevent and mitigate any secondary manifestations.

Ks METAL - DIS heavy metal detoxification

Detoxifies and drains the tissue residues from toxic heavy metals.
Very useful in intestinal dysbiosis in amalgam bearers.
Assists in situations of alopecia of toxic origin and non-specific dermatitis.
Also useful in some forms of unexplained neurological irritations and emotional instability.

Ks COLON - Colon Detoxification DIS

Detoxifies and drains by the accumulation of toxins produced by the phenomena of fermentation and putrefaction from intestinal dysbiosis.
In association with Ks and Ks RADICAL MICO-DIS-DIS is the shock treatment in stpsi stubborn, in the post prandial bloating and flatulence.
Costituioscono always in association with help to those who begin a diet to combat food allergies.
Very useful in acne, seborrheic dermatitis and hyperhidrosis in the acidotic skin.