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To Drain

I Ks herbal products are natural pack of 50 ml. to be taken in drops.

Ks LYMPH - DRE Lymphatic Drainage

Stimulates the activity of lymphatic removal Deghi accumulate toxins.
Stimulates the activity of the spleen, thymus and immune system, reducing inflammation in any tissue.
Coadiuvente as indicated in antibiotic therapy and / or anti-inflammatory.
It stimulates and accelerates the lymphatic circulation.
Maintains activity antisenescenza tissue.

Ks veno - venous drainage DRE

Remove and drain the toxic accumulation of venous circulatory system.
Useful in all situations of congestion and venous stasis, varicose veins - phlebitis - Hemorrhoids - hepatic congestion ... ..
Undertake vasoprotective vein.
In association with tissue-Ks - Ks and LYMPH DRE - DRE performs an intense anti-edema action and is an attack on the treatment of cellulite.

Ks Tissue - Tissue DRE Drainage

Remove and drain the toxic accumulations of mesenchyme.
Improves intercellular exchanges and stimulates protein metabolism, carbohydrate and fat.
Assists in all Tarapata drainage and detoxification, reduces the toxic effects of each therapy.
Useful in all diseases of veno-lymphatic stagnation in mesenchimopatie in obstinate constipation and cellulite.

Ks Pulmo - DRE Pulmonary Drainage

Remove and drain the toxic accumulation of the respiratory system.
Gives an antisclerotic antisenescenza and lung parenchyma.
Useful in chronic smoking, allergies and bronchial asthma.
Useful in all acute and chronic respiratory diseases, particularly with accumulation of secretions.




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