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Insole Comfort Line

Product Description
Born today the next generation of orthotics. Soft, small size, pleasurable contact with any type of shoe. The Foot Comfort Line, revolutionary in form, lie perfectly under the foot, providing arch support insoles. The unique structure also allows the foot is "suspended" above the surface of the shoe, creating a continuous air passage which not only prevents the accumulation of odors and perspiration, but actually takes part in almost a constant and comfortable massage.
Instructions and patterns of use
The Foot Comfort Line should be placed inside the shoe, taking as reference the heel, so you need to make it stick to the back of the shoe, leaving the toes free. It is suitable for all types of footwear.
A modern product design Comfort Line a strength can also be used with open shoes sideways.
Built with high-grade materials, with strength and elasticity of durable, washable and even sterilized, so as to prevent fungal or bacterial growth, typical of a good foot.
Comfort Line Products are covered by international patent.