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The method of proprioceptive stimulation of feet with plantar neuro bio mechanical action ensures a uniform distribution and recovery of muscle tone and elasticity of the fascia to the whole body static chain.

Instructions use plantar:

1. The plantar Ks Active Medicalt "results in a normalization of receptor information from the proprioceptors esterocettori and the soles of the feet, so it must be worn in the morning, as soon get out of bed in the evening.

2. It should be positioned with the part which are rubber down in contact with the shoe and the part which alcantara upward, in contact with his foot.

3. The reference marker is the heel, so you need to make it stick to the back of the shoe, the heel snugly, leaving the fingers free.

4. The footbed conforms generally to any type of footwear.

5. To clean the foot, we recommend using sodium bicarbonate powder, water use is highly discouraged, as it would alter the functionality of the product.

6. For a perfect cleaning of the foot you should leave on the baking soda powder brush for a whole night and the next morning to remove any remaining bicarbonate.

7. At first there is the feeling of "balls in your shoes" that may be associated with a feeling of reactivation of the muscle tone of the muscles of the legs. All this usually takes 5-6 days.

8. For maximum therapeutic effect from the use of the stress carried by foreign-proprioceptive plantar Active Medical Ks ", you should walk for 30 min. below, 3-4 times a day.