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The KS  was founded in 1996 as an individual company and the naming of Ambrosone Mario KS.
It was founded on the need to build an innovative therapeutic instrument, the “proprioceptive” insole, able to establish a “postural therapy”. A first patent was deposited and registered the trademark “ATTIVO KS”.
The first insoles prototypes were constructed with the trade mark KS.

The process of construction was absolutely handicraft, and the production is directly performed by the holder of the individual firm, then student of the course of degree in Medicine and Surgery. They immediately made the recording of the product by the Ministry of health in Italy and  obtained the CE marking.
In 1997 they obtained the registration by the American F.D.A.
During the first two years of activity the company acquired  two workers, increased the number of its products, and in 1999 published  the N.1 of the scientific journal KS NEWS, in Italian, Spanish, German and English.
The scientific journal is still published.
In 2001 the individual company activity was interrupted and was born the KS ITALIA S.A.S., still in activity, that  provides at the production of all products with the trade mark KS. Today the company is managed by three partners, with a stable workforce of six workers and several external collaborations.
In 2003 was established the KS SCIENTIFIC FACTORY with the task to organize the research and the continuous experimentation of KS branded products in postural field, as well as therapeutic results tracking. Several works were published, both statistical and observational, arriving in recent years to works  multi-centre phase III, double-blind.
In 2007 was born the Ks INTERNATIONAL GROUP s.r.l. to coordinate the different business souls and in particular to manage the growth and the interest in philosophy, innovation and the extraordinary effectiveness of Ks trade mark products.